New updates and improvements to emailexpert ideas board

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emailexpert websites updated & transfered


We have done a series of upgrades across both and


Site Transferred & Updated:

We have transferred to a new dedicated instance at Cloudways and so far we are showing significant performance improvements.


Website navigation rationalised and made more usable, helping people find what they are looking for faster.


WIll be working on improving the claim listing and register business flow shortly.


New network wide 'Company Announcements' & 'Roadmap' widget

We have enabled the announcements widget and our public roadmap to, and but will roll it out across all of the sites in our network shortly.


Submit your ideas and feedback

It is now super easy to submit your ideas, feedback and even complaints to us. From the announcements widget click "submit idea". You could find your idea makes it to our roadmap. Please do explore our roadmap and vote up idea's you think we should focus on.