New updates and improvements to emailexpert ideas board

  1. Inbox Expo 2022


    The speaker lineup is nerly finalised and the agenda ready to publish. A title sponsor to announce. Inbox Expo in Valencia is going to be truly fabulous. If you missed out on the sell-out Deliverability Summit in London in March, do not make the same mistake with this event International Deliverability and Email Marketing Conference in one.



  2. Subscribe for Updates

    New Feature

    We have updated our mailing lists and plan to send better email. Be in the loop earlier about new events, new sites and community projects.


    You can subscribe here:  

    This is NOT a newsletter, it is for regular updates about topics and events of interest to you. Please complete the short form for targetted updates and notifcations, and yes the occassional offer too.



  3. Inbox Expo 2022 Launched


    We have launched the new website for Inbox Expo 2022 and have updated the FAQs.

    This will be our biggest ever event and we are putting more effort into the hybrid elements than ever before.

    Register early (the first 350 tickets are free of charge!) and get active, we have a leaderbaord with giveaways for the most active delegates. With thousands of dollars and dozens of prizes being given away. 

  4. emailexpert websites updated & transfered


    We have done a series of upgrades across both and


    Site Transferred & Updated:

    We have transferred to a new dedicated instance at Cloudways and so far we are showing significant performance improvements.


    Website navigation rationalised and made more usable, helping people find what they are looking for faster.


    WIll be working on improving the claim listing and register business flow shortly.


    New network wide 'Company Announcements' & 'Roadmap' widget

    We have enabled the announcements widget and our public roadmap to, and but will roll it out across all of the sites in our network shortly.


    Submit your ideas and feedback

    It is now super easy to submit your ideas, feedback and even complaints to us. From the announcements widget click "submit idea". You could find your idea makes it to our roadmap. Please do explore our roadmap and vote up idea's you think we should focus on.


  5. Well Hello Geeks! We have integrated Frill! 🚀


    So this is our first Announcement our new frill boards. We will use this new dedicated 'Announcements' section to let you know when features have been launched and bugfixes shipped.


    This new area of emailexpert is the culmination of our desire to provide a more transparent roadmap to the community and for that roadmap to be shaped by you, our community of speakers, bloggers, sponsors and delegates. That is why we are happy to utlise Frill to get the job done....



    ...more coming soon!